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Treasures of Ireland 2016

6 Days starting from $1,250

The Blarney Stone. Irish Coffee. Waterford Crystal. Irish icons come together on this trip around the south's biggest cities, Dublin, Cork, Killarney and Limerick, and into its scenic countryside.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… g.. (click for more)


Irish Highlights 2016

7 Days starting from $1,275

The fast-track to Ireland ' this seven-day encounter with the southern side takes you from Dublin and back again, stopping at Waterford, Limerick and the scenic Ring of Kerry along the way. It's Insider moments like… smelling slow-b.. (click for more)


Irish Wonder 2016

8 Days starting from $1,025

Take a fascinating look around Ireland's noble cities such as Dublin, Limerick, Galway and more, viewing majestic castles and exquisite cathedrals. See the Trinity College, get in the spirit and kiss the Blarney Stone and then gaze at the dramatic Cl.. (click for more)

Secrets of Ireland 2016

8 Days starting from $2,695

A complete circle of Ireland including fairytale castle stays, this incredible itinerary takes you into its many landscapes ' from the cityscape of Dublin, the wild Cliffs of Moher and the island's famous 'emerald' countryside.You'll enjoy Insider mo.. (click for more)

Enchanting Emerald Isle 2016

8 Days starting from $1,625

Old-world Ireland comes to life as you travel around the country, from hearing the 'upstairs, downstairs' story of Strokestown Park to tasting fresh-baked scones at a traditional Irish Farm.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… dining .. (click for more)


Best of Ireland 2016

10 Days starting from $2,075

Our in-depth focus on Eire, this round-trip reveals how Ireland's landscapes determine its lifestyle, uniting popular essentials like kissing the Blarney Stone with unique meetings with local characters.You'll enjoy Insider moments likeâ€&.. (click for more)

Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle 2016

10 Days starting from $2,450

The highlight of this crafted itinerary is a night in the breathtaking Ashford Castle ' a luxurious and historic 13th century castle owned and operated by our sister company The Red Carnation Hotel Collection.You'll enjoy Insider moments likeâ&#.. (click for more)

Britain and Ireland Highlights 2016

10 Days starting from $2,550

Engineering, invention and Romantic Poets, the epic diversity squeezed into a remarkably tiny region is explored through the towns, cities and countryside of Britain and Ireland.You'll enjoy Insider moments like... admiring the beauty and grace of pu.. (click for more)

Britain and Ireland Delight 2016

10 Days starting from $1,425

Get a closer look at the long standing castles, churches and old-fashioned towns of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. See Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, Roman spas in Bath and the highly photogenic cities of Du.. (click for more)


Celtic Filmscapes 2016

11 Days starting from $3,150

Game of Thrones, Outlander, James Bond, Cloud Atlas, Chariots of Fire, Michael Collins, My Left Foot - dramatic scenery and unique locations will be revealed...You'll enjoy Insider moments like… stopping at the actual film site of W.. (click for more)

Irish Experience 2016

11 Days starting from $2,350

This foray into the diversity of the North and the South of Ireland takes you inside the increasingly cool cities, like Dublin and Belfast, and much reported 'emerald' countryside.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… taking your ticke.. (click for more)


Amazing Ireland 2016

14 Days starting from $2,895

One of our longest and most leisurely Irish trips, the north and south come together, with all the famous cities and sights, and exclusive experiences like a private reception at Christ Church Cathedral.You'll enjoy Insider moments like... meeting lo.. (click for more)


Best of Ireland and Scotland 2016

15 Days starting from $3,725

Wild scenery, hearty cuisine, warming whisky and Guinness. This Gaelic adventure introduces you to the classic symbols of Ireland and Scotland, and the secret and secluded alternatives.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… the warm hit.. (click for more)

Wonders of Britain and Ireland 2016

15 Days starting from $3,650

Churchill and Wordsworth. Castles and legends. Rugged beauty and hidden places. The icons and secrets of Britain and Ireland are explored in a cross-country itinerary over land and sea.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… exploring Mo.. (click for more)

Britain and Ireland Experience 2016

15 Days starting from $2,175

Experience the Britain and Ireland of a simpler time, through medieval castles and churches that have stood for centuries. Admire Ireland's breathtaking Dingle Peninsula and roam the charming streets of Oxford... (click for more)


Britain and Ireland Explorer 2016

19 Days starting from $2,725

This holiday takes in medieval and modern regions of the UK and Ireland. Take in views of the historic castles of Edinburgh, Dublin, Blarney and Cardiff. Along the way, enjoy the scenery of the Lake District, the rugged Scottish Highlands, beautiful .. (click for more)

Britain and Ireland Panorama 2016

19 Days starting from $4,625

In the craic and Guinness of Ireland or the tea and scones of England, the welcoming hospitality of the British Isles is one of its biggest attractions and will become one of your lasting memories.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… .. (click for more)


Britain and Ireland Grandeur 2016

23 Days starting from $5,850

An experience of extremes, no corner of the British Isles is left unturned, as you explore Britain and Ireland's five ultra-urban capitals: London, Cardiff, Belfast, Dublin and Edinburgh.You'll enjoy Insider moments like… driving ar.. (click for more)

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